Hello, welcome! The DialogBank, developed at Tilburg University and currently maintained at Saarland University, is a collection of dialogues annotated according to the international standard ISO 24617-2. Most of the dialogues have been taken from existing corpora that contain dialogues annotated according to other annotation schemes. In some cases the DialogBank also contains the original annotations, in order to facilitate comparisons between annotation schemes.

The ISO 24617-2 annotations are shown in different formats, the DiAML- XML format specified as part of ISO 24617-2, and two tabular formats which are more convenient for human inspection. See the “Annotation Schemes and Representation Formats” page, the publication “The DialogBank: Dialogues with Interoperable Annotations” (Language Resources and Evaluation 53 (2019), 213-249, and the Master’s thesis “Annotation Representations and the Construction of the DialogBank“.

The DialogBank presently contains (re-)annotated dialogues from 4 English-language corpora: HCRC Map Task, Switchboard, TRAINS and DBOX, and 4 Dutch-language corpora: DIAMOND, OVIS, Dutch Map Task, and Schiphol.

You are most welcome to contribute to the further development of the DialogBank resource — see the contribute page.

This is the beta version of the DialogBank – improvements and extensions are under way. Your feedback is most welcome – please send it to harry.bunt@uvt.nl.