DIAMOND dialogues

The DIAMOND dialogues form a small corpus of problem-solving dialogues in which the user interacts through speech using high-quality microphones with a helpdesk in order to deal with problems in using a fax machine to which the user is new.

The dialogues were transcribed and annotated by groups of students using the DIT annotation scheme. Inter-annotator agreements were calculated and reported in the literature, see Geertzen, Petukhova & Bunt (2008).

The dialogues were collected by Jeroen Geertzen, Roser Morante, Hans van Dam, Yann Girard, Ielka van der Sluis, Barbara Suijkerbuijk, Rintse van der Werf and Harry Bunt; see Geertzen et al. (2004).

Before inclusion in the DialogBank the dialogues were re-annotated according to the ISO 24617-2 standard; the annotations are represented in the DiAML-MultiTab format. The functional segments in the MulTab representation refer to the tokenisation of the transcription, which is also made available.

Dialogue Material

Dialogue SIEJER172
Dialogue SIEJER218
Dialogue HUGSYS041