The DialogBank is a corpus of dialogues, developed at Tilburg University and currently maintained by UdS Spoken Language Systems Group, with annotations according to the ISO 24617-2 annotation standard.

Background: interoperable semantic annotation

The creation of the DialogBank is motivated by the perceived need for semantically annotated resources which are interoperable, i.e. whose annotations have been made in accordance with international standards. The International Organisation for Standardisation ISO aims at the establishment and promotion of such standards in its branch TC 37/SC 4. The so-called Semantic Annotation Framework established by Working Group 2 (Semantic Annotation) of this branch, forms a framework within which international standards are or have been developed for a wide range of semantic phenomena, including time and events (the ISO 24617-1 standard), dialogue acts (ISO 24617-2), semantic roles (ISO24617-4), spatial information (ISO 24617-7), discourse relations (ISO 24617-8) and the methodological standard ISO 24617-6 (Principles of Semantic Annotation).

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