Schiphol dialogues

The Schiphol dialogues form a corpus of information-seeking dialogues in which the user interacts with a simulated airport information service through the telephone in order to obtain information about arrivals, departures, delays, and services at Schiphol, Amsterdam Airport. The information-seeking participants are instructed to find certain information,

The dialogues were collected and transcribed at the Institute for Perception Research (IPO) in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, by Robbert-Jan Beun, Guido Minnen and Hub Prüst. This is documented in IPO Report 481 “Transcriptie dialoogexperiment juni/juli 1984” (1985, in Dutch) and in IPO Report 720 “Vervolg transcripties dialoogexperiment 1984/1985” (1989, in Dutch).

Before inclusion in the DialogBank the dialogues were annotated according to the ISO 24617-2 standard; the annotations are represented in the DiAML-MultiTab format. The functional segments in the MultiTab representation refer to the tokenisation of the transcription, which is also made available.

Dialogue Material

Dialogue Schiphol 144
Dialogue Schiphol 261

more material coming soon