ISO 24617-2 Representation Formats

Below is a short annotated fragment of dialogue ‘TRAINS 2’ represented in DiAML-XML format and the DiAML-MultiTab and DiAML-TabSW formats. The dialogue was collected and annotated in the TRAINS project, and re-segmented and re-annotated according to ISO 24617-2 for inclusion in the DialogBank.

The following dialogue fragment is covered:

S: Hello, can I help you?
U: Yes, I have a problem I need to transport two tankers of OJ to Avon and three boxcars to Elmire, the Bananas must arrive in Elmire by nine p.m.
S: Okay

View the fragment’s ISO 24617-2 annotation in the DiAML-XML, DiAML-MultiTab and DiAML-TabSW representation formats.

For more in-depth information, including concepts, examples and guidelines see ‘Annotation Representations and the Construction of the DialogBank’, The DialogBank‘ (2016) and ‘The DialogBank: Dialogues with Interoperable Annotations’ (2018). See also the Guidelines page for more information about the formats and ISO 24617-2 in general, and information on how to create your own annotations.

Conversions between DiAML representation formats

The DialogBank provides a conversion program (Windows, Mac) that allows for automatic conversions between the three DiAML representation formats. A second, less extensive conversion program (Windows, Mac) includes only the DiAML-TabSW to DiAML-XML conversion.